Graphic Design 3  & MGD114 Agenda

Thursday 10/15

Menu Design ~ Revise & Finalize Stage

Take a look at your designs and think how you can improve your alignment and hierarchy. This is an area that everyone can improve on. Projects and rubrics need to be 100% completed by the end of day on Sunday. ​Mr. Wiant will be available from 11:30-1:30 for office hours on Friday. Text if you need help or feedback and then you can meet at our class Zoom link. 

Wednesday 10/14

Menu Design ~ Design Stage

Focus on creating strong hierarchy and alignment for your designs. Two more days to complete these! 

Monday 10/12

Menu Design ~ Design Stage

Continue to work on your designs and think about how you can improve your design by thinking about what you wrote about in the Do-Now.

Friday 10/9

Menu Design ~ Design Stage

Continue to work on your designs. Really focus on how you are pushing your creativity by creating strong images for your design. Critique will be in two days. 

Thursday 10/8

Menu Design ~ Design Stage

Continue to work on your designs. Really focus on how you are pushing your creativity by creating strong images for your design.

Wednesday 10/7

Menu Design ~ Design Stage

Today you will start your designs. We will go through how to set up your files correctly. Make sure you are using margins, columns and guides when creating your menus.

Tuesday 10/6

Menu Design ~ Brainstorming Stage

Your next project will be to create a menu for a restaurant of your choice. This is your last project for this quarter. You will complete your brainstorming today and then begin to design your menus next class.

Monday 10/5

Postcard ~ Revision & Finalize Stage

Revise and finalize your designs today. Make sure you are looking at your rubric and knowing the competency areas that you will be graded on. Really focus on how you will use the design concepts successfully in your design.

Friday 10/2

Postcard ~ Design Stage

Remember, these are due on Monday. Use this weekend to get caught up with your design so you have a very high quality project ready to be turned in. You need to complete the Attendance Survey below in order to be marked present for today's class. Do this by 9:30am. 

Attendance Survey

Thursday 10/1

Postcard ~ Design Stage

The project due date has been pushed back to Monday, which means your final project will be cut short by one day. You also have the entire weekend to work on these, which means there should be no excuse to have these turned in on time and in a very high quality that you are all capable of doing.


By 9:30am tomorrow, you will need to complete Do-Now. This will be your attendance because Mr. Wiant will not be in class. 

Exit Ticket:

Progress Check In

Wednesday 9/30

Postcard ~ Design Stage

Continue to work on your designs and be prepared for the critique next class. This will be a low key critique so you will have a good portion of the class to work. We will go over how to setup the background, margins and guides before we get started.  

Exit Ticket:
Progress Check In

Tuesday 9/29

Postcard ~ Design Stage

Everyone should be moving forward with their design today. You can’t move forward without finishing your brainstorming though, which puts you behind on this project. In two classes you will have a critique, so you must be efficient when designing and then you will be turning your projects in. 


Exit Ticket:

Postcard Links

Friday 9/25
Postcard ~ Brainstorm Stage

You will be starting your next project, which is to create a postcard design for a specific location. We will go over the project and then you will begin to brainstorm today. Brainstorming is due by Monday 8:00am.

Thursday 9/24
Invitation ~ Revise & Finalize Stage

You got feedback that will hopefully help you revise and improve your designs. Mr. Wiant also gave you feedback on the spreadsheet from yesterday. If you do not complete these today, you have until Monday 8:00am to wrap them up with no late penalty. Make sure you have your JPG and rubric turned in correctly too. 

Feedback Spreadsheet

You can look at the examples below, which will show good contrasting fonts used in invitations. This is an area a lot of you are struggling with currently.

Make sure to check your spelling too!

Wednesday 9/23

Invitation ~ Critique Stage

Today you will complete a peer critique and then complete your written critique. 

Step 1:

Invitation Critique Directions and List


Step 2:

Critique Reflection - Can be found on Google Classroom

Tuesday 9/22

Invitation ~ Design Stage

As mentioned yesterday during 8th period, the critique has been pushed back by one day to allow for enough time to design. We will be stopping class early so you can do your final prep for the critique, which will be the Exit Ticket. 

Exit Ticket

Critique Survey

Monday 9/21
Invitation ~ Design Stage

Continue to work on your designs. Next class it will be time for your video critique! If you were not able to use Flipgrid last time, please make sure you reach out to Mr. Wiant today to get help! Everyone must attend 8th period today at 2:20. You will use our class Zoom link.

Friday 9/18
Invitation ~ Design Stage

Continue working on your designs. You need to update the Invite Tracker if you did not complete it last class. 

Invite Tracker

Thursday 9/17

Invitation ~ Design Stage

Continue working on your designs taking into consideration how you are using the design concepts correctly in your design. 

Wednesday 9/16

Invitation ~ Design Stage

Before we start today, you will take a few notes on additional design concepts. Then you will start your designs today. Use the most successful sketch and start to design using that sketch. You NEED to use your sketch while you start your design, so have your sketches out while you are working.



1. Proximity & Alignment Slides

2. Start Designing

Tuesday 9/15

Invitation ~ Brainstorming Stage

Your next project will be to create an invitation. You will brainstorm and get started on the design today. We will first go over a few slides about visual hierarchy in invitation design. 



1. Hierarchy Slides (12 mins)

2. Project Details (5 mins)

3. Inspiration & Sketches

Monday 9/14

Year 2020 ~ Revise Stage

Your projects are due today!​ You need to follow the directions on the Project page in order to turn these in corretly.

Friday 9/11

Year 2020 ~ Revise Stage

You are now working to revise and improve your designs. Remember, there is no such thing as a perfect design! Continue to tweak and improve your designs today as Mr. Wiant checks in. Everyone needs to be working in their designs throughout class today. No opening your project and not working! 

Thursday 9/10

Year 2020 ~ Critique Stage

You will complete your written critiques today. First you will review the Flipgrid critique from your partner and then there will be a few min debrief with your partner in a breakout room. After that, you will write your critique. The due date for the project has moved, make sure you look at the calendar.

Critique Partners & Link

Wednesday 9/9

Year 2020 ~ Critique Stage

You will start class by working on your designs. Then we will go over how you will be completing a Flipgrid critique today. Before you start, ensure that your link is on the project links.

Critique Partners & Link

Tuesday 9/8

Year 2020 ~ Design Stage

You need to continue with your projects today. Tomorrow will be a critique day and then you will be looking to wrap these up on Thursday. You will present your designs on Friday. If you have started a new Doc, you need to update the project link form now.

Friday 9/4

Year 2020 ~ Design Stage

Yesterday you set goals for yourself. If you did not hit that goal, think about what needs to be done to reach that. To start though, we will be sharing some designs to the class. If you have started a new Doc, you need to update the project link form now.

Thursday 9/3

Year 2020 ~ Design Stage

You will continue to work on your designs, after we review some more design concepts. Make sure to keep in mind what your goal is for today. You will complete an exit ticket today explaining if you have or have not reached your goal. 

Wednesday 9/2

Year 2020 ~ Design Stage

Continue to work on your designs. Tomorrow we are going to review a few more of the design concepts to ensure you are using them throughout your designs. Mr. Wiant will continue to have 1 on 1 checkins throughout class.

Tuesday 9/1

Year 2020 ~ Design Stage

You are going to continue to work on your designs today. Mr. Wiant will be doing some 1 on 1 check ins throughout the class. The exit ticket will be posted in the Chat window at the end of class. 

Monday 8/31

Year 2020 ~ Design Stage

Make sure you are using color theory successfully in your designs. We are also going to review Hierarchy and Flow before you get started today.

Exit Ticket:

Complete the shareable link form.

Friday 8/28

Year 2020 ~ Design Stage

You all will start to create your design today. Remember, everyone must use Lucidpress to layout your design, however, if you want to use Photopea you can in order to edit photos. You can also use in order to create vector images for your projects. On yesterday’s agenda you can find tutorials on how to use the programs. Before we start, we are going to look at some examples of designs.

Thursday 8/27

Culture & Tutorials

We spoke about race, ethnicity, and culture yesterday. These are concepts you should keep in your mind while brainstorming your project. You do not need to create a social justice poster, but you should keep in mind the power you have as a designer.

For example, if you spent time with your family in Mexico this summer and you want to create a poster that represents that, then you should consider how culturally responsive design is being used. Have you researched that cultures colors, typography and so on?

To start off with today, we are going to watch a video to finish off our conversation of the power you have as an artist and graphic designer. Start by opening up your Culture Doc from the other day.


1. Culture Video & Discussion (20 mins)

2. How to set your file up correctly & project rubric (5 mins)

3. Lucidpress & Photopea Video Tutorials. If you didn't complete the HW you will need to follow the tutorial on how to correctly create your free Lucidpress account. 

Wednesday 8/26

Year 2020 ~ Brainstorming Due

Today you will brainstorm for your project, which will be due by next class. You need to turn the brainstorming in according to the directions on the Assignment page, which we will go over together. Think about what you have learned with culturally responsive design and socially responsive design so you can implement those skills into this project.

Tuesday 8/25

The Power of Graphic Design

We are going to look into the power of graphic design today. You will take notes on your Culture doc you created, so have that opened. You will start to brainstorm for your project next class. Come to class with a theme for your poster design. 

Monday 8/24
Welcome Back! (Virtually)

Today you will get an introduction to this quarter, get our Drives setup and take a look at the software we will be using this year. 



1. Introduction Slides

2. Setup Drive

3. Review Project and Brainstorm

4. Software Tutorials


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