Graphic Design 1 Assignments

Monday 11/29

Semester 1 Final: Poster Design Brainstorming

First, create a Brainstorming folder inside your Poster folder. You will need to complete brainstorming for this project in the order listed below. 


Step 1: Inspiration

You need to find at least 5 inspiration pieces for your poster design. These pieces should not just be images you may use in your design, but instead they should be a variety of poster designs that you can pull inspiration from. 


Step 2: Sketches

Create a sketch of your poster design that includes detailed notes. 


Sketch Requirements

- Images and text need to be used

- Many detailed notes are included. These can be about the theme, fonts, colors and any other details that are important to your design. They need to be clear and specific. 

- Notes about what tools you are going to use or may use


Turn-In Directions

1. Five inspiration images need to be saved to your Brainstorming folder.

2. Take a picture of your sketch (with your phone or Photo Booth) and upload it to the “Brainstorming” folder. 

3. Save the Brainstorming rubric to the Brainstorming folder. 


Brainstorming Rubric - copy and paste into your own Google Doc titled Rubric - Poster Brainstorming and save it into your Poster>Brainstorming folder. 

Friday 10/29
Masks Brainstorming

You will need to brainstorm for this project, which is a critical step in the design process. This will help you move through creating the design faster because you already have a design plan created. You will need to complete the brainstorming before you start the project. 


Step 1: Inspiration Pieces

You will need to find at least 5 different inspiration pieces. You can search for Photoshop designs to get inspiration for this project. Save these inspiration pieces into your Masks>Brainstorming folder. 


Inspiration Help

  • What activities do you like?

  • What is important to you?

  • Have you seen a Photoshop design that has caught your attention?

Step 2: Sketches

You will create your sketches once you have your 5 inspiration pieces. Your sketch needs to be very detailed by adding notes to fully explain your design concept. Sketches aren’t artwork, so they need to be quickly done. Yet, they need to have a lot of details. 


Sketch Requirements

1. Detailed notes about color and tools you will use to create the design. 

2. Sketch needs to be kept in good condition. 


Sketch Exemplar


Turn-in Directions

Take a photo of your sketch that is clear. Put the image of your sketch into your Brainstorming folder along with the inspiration pieces and rubric.


Brainstorming Rubric - copy and paste into your own Google Doc titled Rubric - Masks Brainstorming and save it into your Masks>Brainstorming folder. 

Wednesday 10/27

Photoshop Masks Tutorials

You will be using three tutorials to learn new skills that you will need to apply on the next project. Complete these tutorials in the order below. Take your time to understand these tutorials completely. 


1.Mask Tutorial #1 - Clipping Masks

2. Mask Tutorial #2 - Clipping Mask Text

3. Mask Tutorial #3 - Layer Mask

4. Mask Tutorial #4 - Layer Mask Colorize

Monday 10/4

Clipping Path Final Assignment 

This pen tool clipping path assignment has two assignments that both need to be completed. Both assignments are located in one PSD file. It is important that you take your time to get your clipping paths correct. This is a skill you will be using throughout the rest of the year and over the next few years in the pathway. Once you are done, you can work on the extension project, which you can complete and turn in for extra credit. 



Clipping Paths Assignment


Extension Extra Credit:

Rocket Ship


Project Rubric - copy and paste into your own Google Doc titled Rubric - Pen Tool and save it into your Pen Tool folder.

Tuesday 9/28

Pen Tool Letter Exercise

You will need to work on a clipping paths exercise to continue to gain a better understanding of how to use the pen tool. Download the file below. Once you are done, have Mr. Wiant look over your work and then you can work on the project extension. 


Clipping Paths Letters PSD

Project Extension:

Shapes vs. Pen Tool

Monday 9/20

Nature Scene

For this assignment, you will be required to take a nature scene and add various images to design a creative and original scene. You will need to use the skills you have learned in the previous tutorials to achieve this. You can decide between the ocean or forest image for this assignment.

Project Requirements:

1. Design is submitted as the native file type (PSD) and as a JPG set to high resolution.

2. You include 3 images with backgrounds that are clipped out using the appropriate selection tools. 

3. You include a creative title for your design. 

4. Layers are created and named correctly.  

5. Blank layers are deleted. 


Even if you complete the assignment and requirements for the design, you need to continue to add and build on your design. Push your creativity and design skills, which is part of your Invention competency.


Project Download:

Nature Images


Turn-in Directions:

1. Create a new folder in your Final and title it “Nature Scene”.

2. Name your file “lastName_NatureScene.psd”

3. Save your file as a high resolution JPG by going to File> Save A Copy and name it “lastName_NatureScene.jpg” 

4. Turn-in both your PSD and JPG files into the correct folder.


Project Rubric - copy and paste into your own Google Doc titled Rubric - Nature Scene and save it into your Nature Scene folder. 

Thursday 9/9-Friday 9/10

Intro to Photoshop Tutorials

In order to learn the basics of Photoshop, you will complete a series of tutorials and quizzes. These need to be completed in order and you must track your completion on the tracker. 


Tutorial & Quiz Tracker



Tutorial 1 - Get to Know Photoshop

Image Download (30  mins Mr. Wiant will walk you through this)


Tutorial 2 - Basic Photoshop Tools 


Quiz 1  (Once you complete the quiz, place your score on the tracker.) 


Tutorial 3 - Selection Tools 


Extension Assignment 

Once you have completed the tutorials and quiz, start the extension assignments below. Complete these in order. 

1. Butterfly Extension

2. Text Tools Extension

3. Background Extension

4. Snowboard Extension

Tuesday 8/24 - Wednesday 8/25
About Me Project Brainstorming 

Before you start your design, you will need to complete the About You Project Worksheet. This can be downloaded before and must be saved to the correct spot on your Drive, or it may not be graded! Follow the instructions carefully. 



About Me Brainstorming Worksheet

Turn In Directions

1. Check that you have changed the title of your file from Untitled to  “About Me Worksheet”.

2. Make sure your name is at the top of your worksheet and you have capitalized your name. Include your class period too. 

3. Check that the file is saved to the Final>About Me>Brainstorming folder.