Graphic Design 1 Assignments

Monday 12/7

Due: End of the day
Self-Portrait Poster Brainstorming

First, create a Brainstorming folder inside your Self-portrait folder. You will then need to complete the brainstorming below. 


Brainstorming Directions:

1. Create a new doc in your Brainstorming folder and title it “Self-Portrait Brainstorming”. 

2. Copy and paste the worksheet doc. Brainstorming Worksheet


Brainstorming Rubric - copy and paste into your own Google Doc titled Rubric - Self-portrait Brainstorming and save it into your Self-portrait>Brainstorming folder.

Thursday 11/19

Due: End of the day
Book Cover Brainstorming

You will need to complete a brainstorming sheet and collect inspiration pieces before you start working on your designs. 


Brainstorming Sheet

1. Open the Book Cover Brainstorming Proposal file and copy and paste the text into a new Google Doc titled “lastName_BookCoverBrainstorming”.

2. Save this file into your Brainstorming folder that is inside your Book Cover folder you already created. 


Brainstorming Tips:

1. Brainstorm what type of book you will want to design for. Look around online to get some ideas. 

2. Take your time to complete the proposal. This needs to be completed before you move on with the design. 

3. You will be turning this in with your completed project.

Turn-in Directions:

Your proposal should be saved into your Brainstorming along with your Brainstorming Rubric below. Make sure you name your files correctly. 


Brainstorming Rubric - copy and paste into your own Google Doc titled Rubric - Book Cover Brainstorming and save it into your Book Cover>Brainstorming folder. 

Monday 11/2
Photopea Tutorials

It is very important that you read all of the directions as you move forward with your tutorials. If you don’t, you will be lost when using this program. Please make sure you ask questions as well. Each tutorial needs to be completed correctly and looks like the final examples. 



The goal of these tutorials is to show you have an understanding of the tools and techniques shown in order to create a design that looks just like the example shown in the tutorials. 



Student Tutorial Trackers



Tutorial 1 - The Basics

Tutorial 2 - Selection Tools


Project Rubric - copy and paste into your own Google Doc titled Rubric - Tutorials and save it into your Tutorials folder.


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