Graphic Design 1 Agenda

Thursday 10/15

Self-Portrait Poster ~ Finalize Stage

Projects and rubrics need to be 100% completed by the end of day on Sunday. ​Mr. Wiant will be available from 11:30-1:30 for office hours on Friday. Text if you need help or feedback and then you can meet at our class Zoom link. Any late projects needs to be turned in by the end of the weekend as well. Put your name on the late sheet. 

Wednesday 10/14

Self-Portrait Poster ~ Design Stage

You have two more days to complete the projects and get these turned in. We will watch a quick video on design concepts so you can apply those skills to your design, which is 25% of your grade. 

Tuesday 10/13

Self-Portrait Poster ~ Design Stage

Continue work on your designs today. Tomorrow we will watch a quick video about the design concepts we learned about so you can apply those successfully to your design. 

Monday 10/12

Self-Portrait Poster ~ Design Stage

We are going to talk about some new design concepts today so you can take notes. Then you will think about how to apply those to your own designs. If you have missing projects, tomorrow you will have time during class to work on completing those and getting those turned in. 


Exit Ticket:

You need to save your project as a JPG and upload it to your Misc. file. Go to File>Export As>JPG and put the quality as high as you can. 

Attendance Progress JPG Upload

Friday 10/9

Self-Portrait Poster ~ Design Stage

You need to continue with your designs today. At the end of class you will need to upload your PSD file to show your progress. If you don’t it will be assumed you are absent in class. 


Exit Ticket for Attendance:

Progress PSD Upload

Thursday 10/8

Self-Portrait Poster ~ Design Stage

We will go over the rubric and go through how to set up your files today. Then you will start on your designs. 



1. Rubric Review

2. Design (20 mins)

3. Mr. Wiant Demo of Filters/Layer Adjustment/Filters

Wednesday 10/7

Self-Portrait Poster ~ Brainstorming Stage

Today you will start your final project brainstorming, which is also due at the end of the day. We will first go over the project details and Mr. Wiant will show some tips in Photopea. 



1. Review project (5 mins)

2. Brainstorming (30 mins)

3. Mr. Wiant Demo of Filters/Layer Adjustment/Filters

Tuesday 10/6

Book Cover ~ Revise & Finalize Stage

Continue to work and improve your book cover design. Towards the end of the class, we will go through how to save and turn your work in correctly.

Monday 10/5

Book Cover ~ Revise & Finalize Stage

The due date for the Book Cover is pushed until tomorrow. Before you get started today, we will go over how you can push your creativity by exploring and downloading new fonts from 

Font Download

Friday 10/2

Book Cover ~ Design Stage

Continue to move forward with your design. You have this weekend to work on these and then Monday to complete them. Make sure you put in the time and effort this weekend so you are on track to turn these in on Monday. If you have any other missing projects, get those turned in ASAP! You need to complete the attendance form below by 10:35am in order to be marked present for class. You will need to Export as much as you got done with your Book Cover so Mr. Wiant can see your progress. Directions can be found on the survey below. 

Attendance Survey

Thursday 10/1

Book Cover ~ Design Stage

We are going to talk about two design concepts and you will need to take notes. You will then continue to work on your designs using the concepts that we spoke about. These concepts are what you will be using on all of your upcoming projects and you will be graded on this.


Before we start, you need to complete the Do-Now below for attendance. 


Check In Form

Wednesday 9/29

Book Cover ~ Design Stage

We will go over setting up your files correctly and the project rubric before you get started. 


Exit Ticket:

Check In Form

Tuesday 9/29

Book Cover ~ Brainstorm Stage

We will go through some slides today in order to understand book cover design better. We will go over the project details once we are done with our notes and then you will start on your book cover brainstorming.

Friday 9/25

Pop Art Design ~ Revise & Finalize Stage

If you have carefully checked over your work, you can turn your work in. You then have two options. You can either work on a second design to continue to push your creativity or you can work on this design extension that will teach you how to create glowing text in Photopea.

Thursday 9/24
Pop Art ~ Critique Stage

Today you will complete a self-critique. Often critiques are done by another person so you can get critical feedback in order to improve your design. However, today you will critique your own design in order to give critical thoughts on your own design and so you can improve your project. We will start the critique about halfway through class.


Purposes of a Critique: 

1. To give very specific and critical feedback on a project. 

2. To take very specific and critical feedback to revise and strengthen a project. 


Critique Form

Pop Art Critique Form

Wednesday 9/23
Pop Art ~ Design Stage

You will need to continue your designs today to be prepared for the critique coming up this week. Depending on the class progress, we will either have the critique tomorrow or on Friday. 

Tuesday 9/22
Pop Art ~ Design Stage

Continue to work on your designs. Zoom in to check the details carefully and use the Clipping Mask tutorial on the Project page if need be. You will have one more class and then you will have a critique.

Monday 9/21
Pop Art ~ Design Stage

Brainstorming was graded from last class and everyone should be starting in Photopea. We are going to go over the grid download doc, tutorials and rubric before you get started today.

Friday 9/18

Pop Art ~ Brainstorming Stage

We are going to be learning about Pop Art and some of the key artists associated with it. You will need to complete notes as we watch a video, which is part of your attendance for today. You will be starting your own pop art design projects after the video. 



1. Pop Art Slides (10 mins)

2. Inspiration Collection (10 mins)

3. Review Project (5 mins)

4. Start Project

Thursday 9/17

Photopea Nature Scene Due & Makeup Day

Today your Nature Scene projects are due! About halfway through class we will go through how to turn these in correctly. Once you are completely happy with your design, you have pushed your creativity and you have checked that all of the required elements that are listed on the Project page are on your project, you will have the opportunity to revise projects and turn in missing work. All revised or missing work needs to be written down on the Late Sheet on the Resources page.  

Wednesday 9/16

Photopea Nature Scene

The due date for this project has been pushed back by a day. That is to allow ample amount of time for you to not only complete this project's bare minimum expectations, but push your creativity even further. Tomorrow we will go through on how to turn these projects in correctly. 

Tuesday 9/15

Photopea Nature Scene

Before you continue with your designs today, Mr. Wiant is going to show you a tip on how to make your objects look like they are actually inside your nature scene. This will be down with a raster or layer mask. We will go over this together and then you can watch the video tips that are on the Project page. You can also watch Tip #3 that will help you remove images on complicated backgrounds.

Monday 9/14

Photopea Nature Scene

Today you will start your first Photopea assignment, which can be found on the Project page. If you have not completed the tutorials, you will need to wrap those up so you have an understanding of how to complete this project. Mr. Wiant will go through some tips to help you with your project too. The videos for these tips can be found on the Project page. 

Friday 9/11

Photopea Tutorials Due

You need to complete all the tutorials and quizzes today. If you have turned in late work, you must update the Late Sheet or your work will not be graded. Do that today! We are going to start class today by saving our Rubrics correctly. 

Thursday 9/10

Photopea Tutorials

Today you will work on tutorials. Tomorrow will be the last day to turn these in. Mr. Wiant will go through some demos for those who are lost on Tutorial 2. If you have not updated the tracker, you need to do so now. There will be mandatory office hours today for those who are falling behind. This will be a chance for you to get caught up with the help of Mr. Wiant. Those names will be announced later today. 


Student Tutorial Trackers

Wednesday 9/9

Photopea Tutorials

Today you will complete Tutorial 2. Once you are done, you will need to upload a JPG file for each tutorial. The directions for this are in your tutorials. Once you are done, work on the Extension assignment and update the tracker if you complete that assignment.


You also need to make sure you are checking your Remind app and Gmail about important information, like mandatory Office Hours for those that are falling behind. 


Student Tutorial Trackers

Tuesday 9/8

Photopea Tutorials

You need to continue with your tutorials today. Make sure you are updating the tracker with your quiz scores and when you have completed your tutorials. Everyone should have completed Tutorial 1 and you should be starting Tutorial 2 today. 


Student Tutorial Trackers

Friday 9/4

Photopea Tutorials

Continue to work on your tutorials. You should be wrapping up the first tutorial today. Before you get started. Make sure you have updated the tracker correctly, which is on the Assignment page.

Thursday 9/3

Photopea Tutorials

Photopea is the software we are going to be using while we are doing remote learning. This is very similar to Photoshop, which is what we would be using in class. There will be a series of tutorials and quizzes that you will need to complete to understand the tools and how to use them for your next project. This is also how attendance will be taken for these days. Directions can be found on the Assignment page.

Wednesday 9/2

About Me Project ~ Finalize Stage

Today you will be wrapping up your project. Everyone will be working on finding 1 new skills today. Search online for a new tool, effect or skill that you can use on your project as you finalize your designs today. You will have an exit ticket which you will need to share what new skill you learned and used today. You will also need to save a JPG file of your design and turn that in. We will go over that together at the end of class.  

Video Directions to Save as JPG

Exit Ticket:

Go to Google Classroom at complete the question.

Tuesday 9/1

About Me Project ~ Design Stage

Mr. Wiant will be having 1 on 1 check ins throughout class today. You will join a second Google Meeting to review your project. These projects will be completed next class. 

Monday 8/31

About Me Project ~ Design Stage

Everyone should be continuing to work on their projects throughout class. No one is done with your project, no matter how much you think so. Explore new skills and techniques, which is 50% of your grade. We will review the Invention competency, which relates to how you continue to revise and explore your skills. That means that all students should be actively working in your Google Draw or you will be marked absent today.

Before You Start Today:

Go to Google Classroom and join our class using the following code: 3ucsdgd

Exit Ticket:

This will be assigned in the last few minutes of class.

Friday 8/28

About Me Project ~ Design Stage

We will start by looking to see how we find images on Google with transparent backgrounds. Make sure you use the spell check feature to make sure your grammar is correct. Next class these projects will be due. 


How to Spell Check:

1. Tools>Spelling and then click Underline Errors

Thursday 8/27

About Me Project ~ Design Stage

Make sure you push your creativity with your projects! Below are some tutorials that you can use to help learn some basic skills in Google Draw and push yourself. We will look at the project rubric today so you know how you will be graded on this project. 


Mr. Wian'ts Google Drive Basic Tip Video

Additional Google Draw Video Tips

Exit Ticket - You will need to complete a survey, which is how attendance will be taken today. Mr. Wiant will send out the survey at the end of class.

Wednesday 8/26

Drive Setup & Brainstorming Due

We are going to start by checking that you have saved your About Me Worksheet correctly and placed them into the correct folder on the Drive. From there, you will need to complete your worksheet and we will start working on your project. 


1. Review Saving Worksheet

2. Review Starting Google Draw Project

3. Complete Brainstorming or Start Project

Tuesday 8/25

About Me Project ~ Brainstorming

We will go over our first project today and then you will start to brainstorm for it. We will then set up our Google Draw document so you can begin to create. 


1. Q&A

2. Review Project and Brainstorming

Monday 8/24
Welcome Back! (Virtually)

Today you will get an introduction to this quarter, get our Drives setup and take a look at the software we will be using this year. 



1. Introduction Slides

2. Setup Drive

3. Review Project and Brainstorm

4. Software Tutorials


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