Graphic Design 1 - Period 5

Wednesday 2/22-Thursday 2/23

Due: End of class

Magazine Cover Sketches

Two sketches need to be completed for your design. Your sketches need to include the required elements below.

Sketches Need to Include:

1. Title

2. Machu Picchu article name

3. Additional articles (make these up)

4. Barcode

5. Issue date

6. Notes about colors, fonts, or details.

7. Color is added to sketches

Sketch Rubric - You do not need to save this rubric.

Tuesday 2/10

Magazine Layout Sketches

One sketch of the four pages will be completed before you start your designs. Your sketches do not need to be perfect, but they need to include the required elements below. Think about what sort of graphic elements you could add to your designs. Look through the inspiration pieces you have already found in your notes too. This will help you come up with designs for your sketches.


Sketches Need to Include:

1. Magazine headline

2. Credits

3. Body copy

4. Picture captions

5. Folios

6. Pullquote

7. Notes about colors, fonts, or details.

Sketch Rubric - Do not save this rubric

Wednesday 1/25-Thursday 1/26

Due: End Class

InDesign Tutorial

This tutorial will walk you through on how to create a multi page magazine spread. Read the directions carefully. You are not learning new skills. So, if you get lost, read back through the directions and ask a neighbor before asking Mr. Wiant for help.

Tutorial Files

Turn In Directions:

1. Turn off all guides and frames.

2. Create a new folder in your Final folder and name it InDesign Tutorial. Name your file LastName_InDesignTutorial and upload your InDesign file into your new folder.


Project Rubric - you do not need to copy this

Tuesday 1/10

Due: End of next class

CityWide Brainstorming & Sketches



Sometimes it is tough to get started on a project when you don’t have clear guidelines. You will complete a cluster map in order to brainstorm. Complete this on a piece of paper and then your sketch will be done on the opposite side of the paper.


Student Brainstorming Example



You will need to create 1 sketch for your design on the back of your cluster map brainstorming. Your brainstorming needs to be completed before you start your sketch.



- Very detailed notes about color, fonts, design concept, etc.

- Images or Text

- Colors using colored pencils or markers



Brainstorming & Sketch Rubric

Monday 11/14
Google Doodle Critique

You will get feedback from a partner today. The feedback that your partner will be giving you is simply pointing out areas of improvement, but they will not be giving you any suggestions or feedback on how to make those improvements. This is similar to how a client may give you feedback, but they won’t tell you how to make those changes.


Critique Directions:

1. (1 min) - We will review the rubric and requirements for this design.

2. (2 Mins) - Students will switch computers and write your first and last name next to Critiquer Name at the top of the page.

3. (8 Mins) - Critiquers needs to review designs thinking about what areas of the design needs improvements. Find three areas of improvement.

4. (10 Mins) - Designer will return to their computer and read over the three areas of improvements. We will go over the directions for the designer reflection and then the reflection needs to be completed.

Friday 10/21
Halloween Typography Monster Critique

There are two different purposes of this critique. The first is to have a peer compare your project to the rubric to ensure you are following along with the requirements of the project. The second is get feedback about your design so you can improve them.


Critique Directions:

  1. (2 Mins) - Students will switch computers and write your first and last name next to Critiquer Name at the top.

  2. (8 Mins) - Critiquers needs to review designs, then write feedback under each rubric category and put a score. Use complete sentences, correct grammar, design vocabulary and the sentence stems if needed.

  3. (2 Mins) - Critiquer will write a clarifying question for the designer.


Feedback Directions:

1. (2 Mins) - Designer and Critiquer will sit together at 1 computer and...

           - Explain the scores given and the feedback.

           - Read the clarifying question to the designer.

           - Designer will answer the clarifying question

           - Designer will ask any other feedback or suggestions that they may have.

2. (2 Mins) - Partners will switch computers and go through the same steps as above.

2. (10 Mins) - Designers will return to their computers and will write 3-4 sentences about                       what they can do to improve their designs by directly responding to the feed                                back their partner gave them. Explain why you should make these changes using design            vocabulary.



High Quality

“The feedback that Jose gave me on my design said that my mesh tool was not very clean around the eye. I will go back and use the envelope distort tool to adjust the outline around the eye. This is important so I don’t have any empty space on the eye.”


Low Quality

“The feedback that Maria game me was good. I will probably adjust the text around the face.”

Friday 10/7
Due: End of Class Today
Halloween Typography Monster Sketches

You will need to complete two sketches of monsters or characters. Look online for inspiration by searching for vector or illustration monsters.  You will be using one of your sketches for your monster design. Your sketches just need to be the outline shape and features, like the eyes and mouth.


Sketch Requirements:

- Two different monsters

- Under each sketch include the following info:

    * Monster’s Name

    * One Characteristic

- Add color using pencil or markers

- Keep sketches in good shape

Sketch Rubric

Wednesday 10/5-Thursday 10/6
Due: Tuesday 10/11
Portfolio Website’s Gallery

You have now completed the home and about pages for your portfolio. The next step will be to complete your gallery pages.


Gallery Requirements:

- ​Include at least 2 designs from GD1 so far.


  1. Main Gallery page with two sub pages, which will be your Intro and GD1 pages.

  2. Main Gallery Page

    Have a hook for this page. If you use an image on this page, it needs to be your own. You could also just use text too.
  3. Intro/GD1 Gallery Page

    - Include at least 5 designs from Intro year. Two of these designs need to be fine tuned and adjusted to make them even more impactful designs.


Project Rubric - copy and paste into your own Google Doc titled Portfolio 2 Rubric and save it into your Grade folder.

Wednesday 9/21-Thursday 9/22

Due: Friday 9/23

Ligature Logo Sketches

You will be required to complete 10 different sketches for this project. Your sketches need to be neatly organized on your sketch paper. Treat this as if you were presenting your sketches to a potential future client and have these look neat and professional.


Sketch Rubric

Friday 9/16
Due: Tuesday 9/20
Portfolio Website

A portfolio is a very important for a designer to have to properly showcase their work and to have a place to display their work online. Wix is a free website building tool that will allow you to create a portfolio site that is unique to you. You will need to use trial and error while building this website and you may get frustrated, but you need to push on to complete the website.



1. Select a website template

2. Add the correct pages:

  • Home

  • About Me

  • Gallery (Intro & GD1)

3. Add content


Portfolio Requirements:

1. You have the following pages and details:

  • Home (Landing Page) - Have some kind of “hook” that catches a viewer’s attention.

  • About - Share info about yourself and you as a designer. This could talk about what programs you like to use or what type of design you like to create. Include a photo if you like too.

  • Gallery Page - You should have designs from every year you have been in the pathway. You can always add additional pages that showcases work you have done outside of school, which could be photography, drawings or graphic design work.

2. Your URL (website address) is setup like the following:


Project Rubric - copy and paste into your own Google Doc titled Portfolio 1 Rubric and save it into your Grade folder.

Tuesday 9/6
Due: Tuesday 9/6
Stylized Quote Brainstorm

You need to first come up with a meaningful quote, lyrics, or saying before you can think about the design. A designer always creates a more powerful design when they are designing something that is personal to them, so use a quote that means something to you!



Brainstorm Worksheet

You will need to copy and paste the worksheet into your own Doc title Stylized Quote Brainstorm. Save this file to your Stylized Quote folder you just created.