Graphic Design 1 Do-Now

Today's CLO

Today I will either write or speak about myself,

so that I can generate ideas for a poster design. 


I know I have it when I have successfully created a poster design that showcases who I am and my creativity.

Friday 10/30

Name Google Draw

You need to follow the video below to name your Google Draw file correctly. Make sure you do this correctly because you will lose 5% if you do not name your files correctly. You can see how to name the file correctly by looking at the Project page and the turn-in directions correctly too.

Name Google Draw Correctly

Thursday 10/29


Go to Classroom to answer the Do-Now, which is for a grade. Make sure you read the directions and write at least 3 sentences. 

Wednesday 10/28


Read over the Agenda. 

Tuesday 10/27


Read over the Agenda. 

Monday 10/26


Go to Classroom to answer the Do-Now.

Friday 10/22
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