GD4 & MGD133 Class Expectations 

The students and Mr. Wiant have agreed that the expectations listed below are necessary to create a professional working environment. This will allow everyone to succeed in reaching his or her potential and for us to work as a strong team.

Mr. Wiant's Expectations:

1. Respect your fellow coworkers, Mr. Wiant and all classroom equipment. 

2. Don’t prevent me from teaching and from anyone learning. 

3. No drinks on your desk. Only water is allowed and it must be kept on the floor.

5. You must follow our checkout procedure.

6. Cell phones are allowed when Mr. Wiant says and only for music. No social media, texting or any other activities allowed.

7. No plugging your phone into the computers or any wall outlets. Only charge phones at the designated charging station. 

What are the consequences for unprofessional behavior?

If you have forgotten the school’s or the classroom’s rules, you will be given a verbal warning by me. Continued bad behavior will result in one of the following:

• Parent Contact
• A Seat Change
• Loss of privileges 
• Loss of passes