MGD 233 Project & Assignment Info

Semester 2

Project Info:
Spring Final
Your final portfolio will take a significant amount of time to update and finalize. You will be graded on your final presentation and your final website. 

Final Portfolio Requirements and Rubric

Project 3 - Western Contest

You will be creating a design that represents Colorado for the Celebrate the West Governor’s design contest. Details can be found on our website’s contest page. You will start with a Creately flowchart to brainstorm ideas for this contest. Link this flowchart in your proposals.

Project 2 - Laser Cutter Project 

You will be using your Illustrator skills to create a project that will be produced with the laser cutter. You will have access to acrylic, wood or even metal to create this. Research potential projects you can create in the laser cutter to get started.

Project 1 - Citywide

The DPS Citywide Art Contest is very big contest within DPS. You will have the opportunity to compete against other schools in this contest. Review the project details for more information. 

Project Details

Assignment Info:
Avatar Design

You will be creating an avatar to replace your current avatar in Google. Your avatar could be an illustration of yourself, a logo that represents yourself or any sort of design that represents you. Even if you don’t use the avatar for real, you will need to place it into your Google account to mock up the design. 

Project Details

Sketchbook Info:

iPad Still Life Sketch

Using your iPad you will need to sketch an object around your house. You must use color and shading for this sketch. 

iPad Sketch

Your first sketchbook this semester will be on your iPad. You can use any of the Adobe apps to create your sketch. Take time to explore the apps and learn the features before you complete your final design. 

Sketchbook: Texture and Color

You need to sketch an object that has some sort of texture. Think wood grains, floors, fabric, walls, etc. You will need to use your shading skills and include color pencil shading too. This needs to be completed in your sketchbook.

Semester 1

Semester 1 Project Info:
Project 3: Values Poster Design

You will need to create a poster design that represents a value that is most important to you. You don’t need to think literally about the design. For example, if you decided to design or courage, what could represent that value visually? Maybe it is abstract or maybe you use imagery that would represent that value. 

How to get started:

1. Think about a time when you were happy. What were you doing? Why were you happy?

2. Think about a time you were proud. What made you feel proud?


In your proposal, you will need to create a list of 5 important values that you hold. 

Project 2: Street Art Inspired Design

You will need to create a design inspired by street art, whatever that means to you. Review the Street Art slides and video if you need help brainstorming. Use photos from our photography trip in your brainstorming if that helps. 


Past Student Work

Project 1: Free Design

You will create a design of your choice for this first project. You can use any program or combo of programs for this project. Get creative and push your limits. 



1. Create a new doc in your Misc. folder and title it “lastName_project1 Brainstorming”. 

2. Copy and paste the homework doc into this document. 

Semester 1 Assignment Project Info:
Laser Cutter Holiday Ornament 

You will need to create your own ornament for the holiday season. Use illustrator to create a black and white image design. Any images used need to be created by you. Consider the size and shape of your design. Typical tree ornaments are between 3-4”. There are a variety of ways to hang your ornament, so take that into consideration. If you rather make a free standing ornament that doesn’t hang from a tree, you can do that instead.

Laser Cutter Directions


Project Rubric - Save it to a folder titled Ornament

Photography Shoot

You will need to submit three photos for this assignment. These photos need to be well composed and have photo editing techniques applied to them. Significant amount of photo editing needs to be used to strengthen the images. 

Directions and Rubric

Sketchbook: What is in your bag?

You will first start by drawing a bag. This could be a backpack, purse, paper bag, or whatever you want. Then imagine what is coming out of that bag. Use your imagination to have something that is out of place coming out of the bag. You will graded not just on your sketch but also your imagination and creativity. Consider how you are using shading too. 

Sketchbook: Still Life

Find an object around your house that you will sketch in your sketch book. Don't be concerned if you aren't a good sketcher, that is the purpose of us practicing sketching so we can become better. There are a million resources online to help you sketch still life. You will be graded on your effort with this sketch and having it ready at the start of class.