GD4 & MGD 233 Project & Assignment Info

Quarter 3 Project Info:

Project 1: Surrealist Self-portrait

This project will be a surrealist styled self-portrait of yourself. These designs will be submitted into the Frida Kahlo Challenge. 

Frida Kahlo Challenge - Submitting Work to This

Surrealism Slides from GD3

How to Make Surrealist Art Video

Project 2: Colorado 

This project will be all about what makes Colorado special in your eyes. Review the slides to see the project details and contest details. You will need to complete a flowchart that will be included into your proposal. Your brainstorming is a big part of your grade this project, so take time to do it correctly. 

Objective: To create a design that represents our state in a focused manner.

Flowchart Link

Colorado Slides and Thumbnail Sketch Examples

Quarter 1 Project Info:

Project 1: Year 2020

This first project will be a good warmup and allow you to explore how this past year has made you feel.

Group Brainstorming Activity

Project Details and Brainstorming


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