MGD133 Agenda

Today's CLO

Today I will either write or speak about design concepts and skills,

so that I can create a design of my choice.


I know I have it when I successfully completed a highly detailed design that pushes my design skills and creativity while colaborating with my peers.

Friday 9/10
Project 1 Design Stage

Take out your sketch books and get ready for class. Due dates for the project have shifted, so please take a look at the calendar. 

Wednesday 9/8
Project 1 Design Stage

Friday you have sketchbooks due and on Monday we will be doing a critique. Your project needs to be far enough along in order to participate in the critique.  

Friday 9/3
Project 1 Design Stage

Remember that sketch books are due next Friday. 

Wednesday 9/1
Project 1 Design Stage

Continue working on designs after we go over your sketchbook assignment due next Friday. 

Monday 8/30
Project 1 

Proposals will be approved by Mr. Wiant today and then you will get started on your designs. 

Friday 8/27
Project 1 Brainstorming

Today you will share your brainstorming and then complete your proposals. Everyone needs to be designing by next class. 

Wednesday 8/25
Project 1 Brainstorming

Today you will complete some group brainstorming for your first project. Then you will start to complete your proposal for your project. Proposals are due next class. 



1. Brainstorm Ideas - Class Resources 

2. Project 1 Brainstorming & Group Feedback

3. Start Proposal

Monday 8/23
Welcome to MGD133 & Project 1 Brainstorming

You will need to turn in the homework document next class, which will help you brainstorm your first project idea. You will present your idea to the class and these will be part of your first project grade. You can find the project info on the Project page. 



1. Class slides

2. Expectations

3. Brainstorm Ideas - Class Resources 

4. Project 1 Brainstorming