MGD133 Agenda

Today's CLO

Today I will either write or speak about my experiences this past year,

so that I can generate ideas for a layout design.


I know I have it when I successfully completed a highly detailed sketch after generating many ideas by finding at least five inspiration pieces based on my group brainstorming activity.

Tuesday 9/29
Street Art ~ Critique Stage

Today you will complete a group critique. Open your proposal and write two specific questions you have about your design for the group to help to answer. 

Friday 9/25
Street Art ~ Design Stage

This is the last day to work on these and your critique will be on Tuesday! Make sure you are ready for the critique and work on these this weekend if need be. 

Thursday 9/24
Street Art ~ Design Stage

About halfway through class you will share your projects so we can all give some feedback. Think about 1 question you have for us during the first part of class today. 

Tuesday-Wednesday 9/22-9/23
Street Art ~ Design Stage

Continue to work on your designs. Be prepared for our critique next week. 

Monday 9/21
Street Art ~ Design Stage

Everyone should be working or about ready to start working digitally with your designs. Make sure you are putting in the extra work to push your creativity and designs! 

Thursday 9/17
Street Art ~ Design Stage

You will review proposals with Mr. Wiant and then you will start to design.

Wednesday 9/16
Street Art ~ Brainstorming Stage

You will be sharing out your brainstorming ideas for the street art project today and the class will be giving you feedback to help you solidify your idea. Start by opening up your Street Art doc from yesterday and write down two questions you have for the group so we can help you finalize your idea.

Tuesday 9/15
Street Art ~ Brainstorming Stage

Start today by creating a new doc in your Misc. folder and title it Street Art. We are going to go through some slides and video so you have a better understanding of what street art is. Then you will complete the Brainstorming Doc so you are ready for your group brainstorming session tomorrow. 

Monday 9/14
Project 1 ~ Revise Stage

Today you will wrap up your project and get all of your work turned in. This means that your final reflection is written, you have your final AI/PSD file saved along with a final high res JPG too. Tomorrow we will go over the topic of project 2 and you will start to brainstorm.

Friday 9/11
Project 1 ~ Revise Stage

Continue to consider what suggestions you got yesterday and what you wrote in your critique in order to revise and improve your designs today. You will have half of next class to work on your project and the last half will be spent writing your final reflection. 

Wednesday 9/9
Project 1 ~ Design Stage

You will start today by prepping for your critique, which will be tomorrow. The calendar has been adjusted for our project due date as well. After you complete the Do-Now, continue to work on your designs and be ready for the group critique tomorrow. If you have questions, send Mr. Wiant a text via Remind or email him. 


1. Create a new doc in your Project 1 folder and title it "lastName_Project1Critique".

2. Copy and paste the Critique Form.

3. Complete the Designer Notes Step 1 section. You need to write very specific and clear questions or areas you need feedback with on your designs. Do not just write one vague sentence. Assume you won't be able to explain your questions, so they must be written clearly. 

Exit Ticket

Everyone must save your PSD or AI as a high res JPG and drop that into your Project 1 folder. This will help to show your design cycle and we will also use those files for tomorrow's critique. 

Tuesday 9/8
Project 1 ~ Design Stage

Continue to work on your designs today. We will continue to share out during class.

Friday 9/4
Project 1 ~ Design Stage

We are going to review quick design concept slides and then you will continue to work on designs. Next week we will give feedback on your designs. 

Thursday 9/3
Project 1 ~ Design Stage

Continue to work on your designs today. But first, we are going to share our work. If you can't share your screen, make sure you have a JPG saved in your Misc. folder. We will start sharing in 10 mins. 

Wednesday 9/2
Project 1 ~ Design Stage

Mr. Wiant will continue to have check ins with you today. But first, we are going to review some COVID and BLM sample poster designs.


We sometimes will be meeting on Wednesdays for 8th period at 3:20. We are not meeting today, which means you are expected to work on your projects during this time each Wednesday regardless if we are meeting or not. That is taken into consideration when project due dates are created. 

Tuesday 9/1
Project 1 ~ Design Stage

Mr. Wiant will continue to have check ins with you today. 

Monday 8/31
Project 1 ~ Design Stage

Everyone should be working on their designs today. 

Friday 8/28
Proposals Due

You need to have your proposals saved to your Project 1 folder and completed. Mr. Wiant will give feedback so you can revise and improve the proposals and then you will get started on your design. Don't forget to pick up computers tonight from 3-5:30. 

Thursday 8/27
Homework Share Out & Proposals

You are going to share your brainstorming HW with the class and get feedback from the questions you had. We will then review what project proposals look like and you will complete the proposals today, which includes sketches. Your proposals are due tomorrow and you will go through them 1 on 1 with Mr. Wiant. You will lose points if you don't have these completed for tomorrow. 

Wednesday 8/26
Culture & Brainstorming

We spoke about race, ethnicity, and culture yesterday. These are concepts you should keep your mind while brainstorming your project. You do not need to create a social justice poster, but you should keep in mind the power you have as a designer.

For example, if you spent time with your family in Mexico this summer and you want to create a poster that represents that, then you should consider how culturally responsive design is being used. Have you researched that cultures colors, typography and so on?

To start off with today, we are going to watch a video to finish off our conversation of the power you have as an artist and graphic designer. Start by opening up your Culture Doc from yesterday. 


1. Culture Video & Discussion (20 mins)

2. Brainstorming Homework: Due today - tomorrow you will write your proposals

Tuesday 8/25

The Power of Graphic Design

We are going to look into the power of graphic design today. You will take notes on your Culture doc you created, so have that opened. You will start to brainstorm for your project next class. You will have some brainstorming homework that needs to be completed before the next class. 



1. Make sure you have signed up for the Remind app for this class:

3. Create a new Doc in your Misc. folder and title it Culture

4. Answer the following question on that Doc:

What does culturally responsive mean? Answer this in your own words and DO NOT just copy and paste. 

Monday 8/24

Welcome Back! (Virtually)

Today you will get an introduction to this quarter, get our Drives setup and take a look at the first project. 



1. Introduction Slides

2. Setup Drive

3. Review Project and Brainstorm

4. Software Tutorials 


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