Graphic Design 1 Projects

Monday 11/29

Fall Final: Poster Design

Exemplars:  The message is clear, a larger variety of design skills were used, new design skills were used, and large amount of layers were used to create the design. 



You will have the option to create either a poster of your choice. You must use multiple layers in Photoshop and show your knowledge of the pen tool, clipping paths, masks and your design concept skills. This project must showcase all that you know about Photoshop and more!


Project Steps

1. Create a new PSD file with the size being 11x17 inch and resolution 180dpi.

2. Use your sketch to start to bring images into your new PSD file to edit and remove the backgrounds. 


Project Requirements

- At least 10 layers were used. This is bare minimum.

- Mask and pen tool skills were used.

- New skills were incorporated into the design.

- Text was incorporated into the design.


Turn-In Directions

1. Save your file as a PSD and as a high-res JPG and name them “lastName_poster”.

2. Upload your JPG and PSD file into your “Poster” folder. 


Project Rubric - copy and paste into your own Google Doc titled Rubric - Fall Final Poster and save it into your Poster folder. 

Monday 10/25


You will need to create a design that incorporates clipping and/or layer masks. Be creative how you use your clipping masks and think outside of the tutorials you completed. You will need to use the pen tool at some point in this project too. This design needs to show your creativity and should incorporate past design skills too. 


Project Setup

- Size: 8.5x11 or 11x8.5 inches. Make sure you change the units to inches!

- Resolution - 180 resolution

- Color Mode - RGB


Project Requirements

- Layer or clipping masks are used. Don’t just put an image inside of text. 

- The pen tool and clipping paths are used to remove an image from a background. 

- At least 4 images are combined in your design. 


Project Steps

1. Create a PSD file with the correct project setup from above, which is 8.5x11 or 11x8.5 inches PSD file.

2. Find an image on Google by following the directions above. 

3. Open the saved image in Photoshop. 

4. Drag that image over to the PSD file you created BEFORE you start to alter the image. This will ensure you have the correct size photo before you start to work on your design.


Finding Images on Google

Search for large images. This will help to ensure you have a high-resolution image to work with and your photo will not be blurry. Remember, you can not enlarge a small photo in Photoshop because it will be blurry.


Turn-In Directions

1. Your PSD and JPG files should be saved as “lastName_Masks”.

3. Go to File>Save A Copy and change the Format to JPG. Select the highest resolution option selected when you are saving it.

4. Upload the PSD file and JPG file to your Masks folder.

Project Rubric - copy and paste into your own Google Doc titled Rubric - Masks and save it into your Masks folder. 

Thursday 10/7-Friday 10/8

Pop Art


Your project will be an Andy Warhol inspired design. Find an image online or use a photo of yourself. You're allowed to explore your creativity however you want! Follow the steps below to get started. 


Step 1:

Download the Pop Art PSD Grid


Step 2:

Find an image that you will use for your design. Are you using a selfie from your phone? Email it to your Gmail to download it for your project. 


Are you finding an image off of Google? Make sure to find a large image. Follow the video directions on how to find a large enough image and how to bring it into Photoshop.


Saving Google Images


If your image is larger than the box, that is OK because you will learn how to use clipping masks. The clipping mask tutorial is on the Resources page. We will talk about this more in the future.


Remember, you can’t make a photo larger than it is when you bring it into Photoshop. If it is small, you will need to find another photo!


Step 3:

After having your grid and image ready, watch the Pop Art Tutorial to learn how to create your own design. You are not creating the Ice Cube design in the tutorial. You are creating your own design. 


Note - Play around with different filters other than Cutout if you like.


Project Requirements

1. Your PSD file and JPG files are turned in. 

2. Accuracy and attention to details are used while creating clipping paths with the pen tool. 

3. Intentional color selection is used to compliment the images and backgrounds. 


Turn-In Directions

1. Create a new folder in your Final and title it “Pop Art” if you have not already.

2. Save a Photoshop file as “lastName_PopArt”.

3. Go to File>Save A Copy and change the Format to JPEG. Select the highest resolution option selected when you are saving it.

4. Upload the PSD file and JPG file to your Pop Art folder.


Project Rubric - copy and paste into your own Google Doc titled Rubric - Pop Art and save it into your Pop Art folder. 

Tuesday 8/24 - Wednesday 8/25

About Me Project


This project will be an opportunity for you to share a little bit about yourself so we can get to know our fellow designers. You will complete this in Google Draw and present your work at the end of the project. The brainstorming needs to be done before you start working on your design. 


Project Skills

1. Correctly setup a file and save a file with the correct extension.

2. New Google Draw skills are discovered and used. You don’t rely on just the basic tools. 


Project Requirements

1. Your name needs to be used in the design.

2. Include at least five sentences that talk about you. You can write about your family, hobbies, or anything else that explains who you are.

3. Correct grammar was used throughout your writing. Use spell check and capitalize I! 

4. An image of yourself needs to be on the page. Use your computer's Photo Booth app to take your photo or email a photo from your phone to your school Gmail account. 

5. Include at least 5 other images, besides your photo. You need at least a total of 6 images, but this is bare minimum. 

6. Use consistent colors and fonts. Too many colors create a distracting design!


Grammar Tips

Did you put a space after all commas and periods? 

Did you capitalize I in your writing?

Did you capitalize names of people, restaurants and places?


Turn In Directions

1. If you haven’t already created a new folder in your Final folder and name it “About Me”.

2. Move your About Me Google Draw into this folder.

3. Save your rubric into this same folder and check that your Brainstorming folder has your worksheet saved correctly. 


Project Rubric - copy and paste into your own Google Doc titled Rubric - About Me and save it into your About Me folder.