Graphic Design 1 Projects

Thursday 10/22

About Me 

This project is a chance for you to share to the class about who you are. It is important that we get familiar with each other so we can work together to grow our skills. Before you start your design, you will need to complete the About You Project Worksheet. 



1. Go to your Drive and create a new Google Doc. 

2. Open About You Project Worksheet

3. Select All (Control + A), Copy (Control + C) and then in the blank Google Doc paste the rubric (Control + P). Be patient so you don’t paste it too many times!

4. Complete the info at the top and name the blank doc correctly by clicking where it says Untitled and change the name to “LastName_AboutMe”. 

5. We will then go over how to move the worksheet into the correct folder. 


Project Skills:

1. Correctly set up a file, save a file with the correct name and submit files correctly.

2. New Google Draw skills are discovered and used.


Project Requirements:

1. Your name needs to be used in the design.

2. Include at least five sentences that talk about you. You can write about your family, hobbies, or anything else that explains who you are.

3. Correct grammar was used throughout your writing. 

4. An image of yourself needs to be on the page. Use your computer's camera or take your photo from your phone and email it to your school’s Gmail account. 

5. Include at least 5 other images, besides your photo. AT LEAST 6 total images. 

6. Use consistent colors and fonts. Too many colors create a distracting design!


Grammar Tips

Did you put a space after all commas and periods? 

Did you capitalize I in your writing?

Did you capitalize names of people, restaurants and places?


Turn-in Directions:

1. Move your About Me Google Draw into your Final>About Me. 

2. Name the file correctly, “LastName_About Me”.

3. Save a JPG version of your file by going to File>Download>JPG. That will save a file to your computer. You will need to find that and upload it to your About Me folder. 

4. Upload your JPG by going to your About Me folder, clicking New>File Upload. Find your JPG in your download folder and upload it. 

5. Ensure your rubric, worksheet and project are all saved to your About Me folder. 


Project Rubric - copy and paste into your own Google Doc titled Rubric - About Me and save it into your About Me folder.


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