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Design Studio Late or Revised Assignments

Critique/Reflection Examples & Makeups

Critique Makeup

Objective Makeup

Project Revision Worksheet

Revision Worksheet


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Google Drive Help

Saving Project Rubric Correctly


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Font Resources

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Negative Space



Life of Pix


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Creative Inspiration - Adobe Creative Magazine

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Vector Icons

Free Vector Images - Freepik

Free Vector Images - Vecteezy

Adobe Color Wheel

Color Wheel Generator

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Wix Navigation Setup Video

Mr. Wiant Tutorials

Past Video Tutorials

Photoshop Tutorials

1 Min Photoshop Tutorials

Mask Hair #1 Tutorial

Mask Hair #2 Tutorial

Using Clipping Masks

Match colors

Photoshop Coloring Tutorial

Color Line Art

Photoshop Photo Editing Tutorials

Photo Editing Tutorials

Two Easy Way to Remove Backgrounds

Remove Unwanted Background Elements

Photoshop Surrealism Tutorials

Surrealism Tutorials

How to Combine Images Using Layer Masks

Illustrator Tutorials

1 Min Illustrator Tutorials

TutVid Tutorials

Create Geometric Pattern

From Drawing to Vector Tips

Envelope Distort Tutorial

Illustrator Compound Paths

Pathfinder Tool in 60 Seconds

Gradient Mesh Tool Tutorials & Tips

Printer Sticker Setup Video

Creating Stroke Widths

Creating Dashed and Custom Strokes

InDesign Tutorials

InDesign Cheat Sheet

Adobe Help InDesign Page

Class Slides & Notes
GD1 Slides

Setting Up Google Drive Link

Clipping Paths and Masks

Getting Started Masking Project

Poster Notes

Design Concept Notes 1

Design Concept Notes 2

Illustrator Notes

Color Slides

Color Theory Notes

GD2 & MGD111 Slides

Design Concept Review Slides

Surrealism Slides

Positive Negative Slides

Target Audience Slides

Logo Introduction

Logo Color Wheel

Color Theory Video

Responsive Design

GD3 & MGD114 & 105 Slides

Invitation - Hierarchy & Repetition Slides

Branding Slides

Branding & Visual Identity Video

Proximity & Alignment Video

Typography Intro

 Kerning, Leading and Tracking Slides

Bad Fonts

Ligature Logos

Letter Typography Curves Tutorials